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久保田徹  Toru Kubota

/ Toru Kubota


ドキュメンタリー映像作家。1996年神奈川県生まれ。慶應大学法学部在学中の2014年よりロヒンギャ難民の撮影を開始し、ドキュメンタリー制作を始める。以降、BBC, Al Jazeera,NHK Worldなどにてディレクター、カメラを担当。社会の辺境に生きる人々、自由を奪われた人々に寄り添いながら静かにカメラを向け続ける。2022年7月にミャンマーにて撮影中に国軍に拘束され、111日間の拘束期間を経て帰国。

Toru Kubota is a Tokyo-based documentary filmmaker. His primary focus was immigrants and refugee issues. He has worked with media companies such as BBC, NHK World, Al Jazeera. Trying to put shoes of marginalized, deprived communities through his life, he keeps turning a camera on them. In July 2022, he was arbitrarily arrested by the Myanmar junta while filming in Yangon, and released after 111 days of detention.

Films by Toru Kubota

【The Latest Work】

ドキュ・アッタン -クーデター軍による弾圧と闘うミャンマーのクリエイターたち-

"Docu Athan" Trailer

-the Burmese media professionals in hiding fights the oppression of the junta-

「Docu Athan -ドキュ・アッタン-」は、ミャンマー人のクリエイター(ジャーナリスト/映像制作者/アーティストなど)を支援するためのオンラインプラットフォームです。アッタンはミャンマー語で(声・意見)などの意味があります。私たち視聴者がアッタンを寄付することで、クリエイターは新たな作品作りの資金とすることができます。



〈ミャンマーの光と影〉-Myanmar and Democracy-


When I first visited Myanmar in 2015, people were enthusiastic about the future that democracy would bring. Within the country, which seemed to be covered in the light of hope, there were also shadows. At that time, I visited the "internment camps" of the Rohingya and captured footage of their conditions, which has become a valuable record that still holds true today. The existence of the Buddhist group "Ma Ba Tha," which collaborates with the military to incite hatred against Muslims. The challenge of punk musicians seeking to foster exchanges with ethnic minorities through music. The journey of an activist, who is a Buddhist Burmese, to Bangladesh to learn about the situation of the Rohingya. I became deeply involved with the people living in a country where shadows and light coexist. After the coup in February 2021, Myanmar once again fell under the shadow as a whole. I was detained by the military in Myanmar on July 30, 2022, and after 111 days of imprisonment, I was released.